How to develop your competence as a Portfolio/Program/Project Manager

  1. Step 1: Review Requirements
    • Define the assessment criteria by reviewing organization-specific & individual requirements as well as the competence requirements described
    • Use these consolidated requirements to identify the existing gaps, define goals, scope & and the criteria of the assessment
  2. Step 2: Assess Competences
    • Use the defined assessment criteria to assess the Portfolio/Program/Project Manager competency to identify areas of strengths & weaknesses
    • Determine how further development could improve competence & results
  3. Step 3: Prepare Competency Development Plan
    • Define a competency development plan to address the results of the assessment – this plan recommends the activities to be undertaken
    • Depending on agreed activities, either the assessed individuals/others are responsible for putting the single development activities into action
  4. Step 4: Implement Competency Development Plan
    • execute the defined plan and monitor/track against the plan including evaluation of the completed activities & achievement of defined goals
  5. Step 5: Summary
    • Compare the achieved results with the defined requirements and repeat the entire process if necessary



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