PPM in the Telecom Industry

Major changes are happening:

  1. LTE or 4G adoption
  2. Improved & extended data service packages – higher quality & cheaper rates
  3. All you can app (AYCA) – unlimited usage of a package of apps for a fixed fees
  4. Significant growth in developing countries
  5. Mobile number portability legislation – allowing subscribers to switch freely among operators while keeping their numbers.

For telecom companies, aspects to focus in ever-changing mobile business:

  1. Migrating from 3G to 4G & improve the quality of the connection
  2. Creating new & innovative products/services
  3. Implementing aggressive marketing of the new products/services
  4. Develop competitive pricing & improve customer services

Sample scoring models:

  • ROI
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Innovative-ness
  • Strategic fit
  • Technical feasibility
  • Market attractiveness
  • Resources
  • Leverage of core competencies
  • Complexity
  • Economic impact (expected annual revenue)

Managing Projects with No Direct Authority

In the absence of direct authority, what challenges does a project manager face when trying to influence the behavior of team members?

  • Developing active commitment and accountability among team members without coercive obedience or compliance
  • Building trust and persuasion in a project team to gain power
  • Using personal authority and networking to negotiate resources

How can a project manager gain the authority required to achieve these goals?

  • Use the power of superior knowledge and information about the project
  • Understand the power and authority structure in the organization and use it to the team’s advantage
  • Build positive relationships and networks with stakeholders
  • Build cooperation and align team effort through mutual trust and credibility
  • Create self-managed teams for less managing and more accountability

Project Management Concepts

  1. White elephant projects – high risk but provide low ROI. It originated from the Kings of Thailand: whenever they want to punish someone, they would give them an White Elephant. The animal required so many resources in terms of food and care that the receiver of such a gift almost inevitably went bankrupt after fairly short period of time.  Needless to say, killing an animal or even letting it escape into the wild was not a viable option because that would have been considered an insult to the king.
  2. Joker project – the project with very low scores to be placed at the top of the project portfolio. However, the executive management team feel that the project would generate millions for the company.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


“PPM is the management of the organization’s projects so as to maximize the contributions of projects to the overall welfare & success of the enterprise subject to internal & external constraints by maximizing the project value, balancing the portfolio and aligning it with overall company strategy.” (PPM in theory & practice)

PPM shouldn’t be confused with:

  • Management of multiple projects – Program management
  • Enterprise project management – 360 view of the organizations’s efforts
  • Automation – software is not going to choose the right projects regardless of how good it is.

3 Pillars of PPM

  1. selected projects must maximize the VALUE for the company
    • Financial models
    • Scoring models (more comprehensive)
  2. selected projects must constitute a balanced portfolio
    • by product type
    • risk versus reward
  3. the final projects portfolio must be strategically aligned with the company’s overall business strategy
    • Top-down approach
    • Bottom-up approach
    • Combined top-down & bottom-up

What is Prince2 Agile?

  • The new PRINCE2 Agile guide has been created to provide guidance for blending the PRINCE2 project management approach with agile delivery methods.
  • The PRINCE2 Agile approach brings together the strength of PRINCE2 and the flexibility of agile delivery methods that can be used across all industry sectors.
  • Prince2 Agile is not PRINCE2 Agile is not a replacement for PRINCE2. All elements of PRINCE2 are valid within PRINCE2 Agile.  It is an extension to PRINCE2. The guide gives advice and guidance on agile behaviours, concepts, frameworks and techniques that can be used within a project context.
  • Incorporate the most popular frameworks of SCRUM and strong Kanban. It also promotes the concepts of LEAN startup

(Source: http://www.arraspeople.co.uk/camel-blog/projectmanagement/what-is-prince2-agile-all-about/?doing_wp_cron=1487868174.2378609180450439453125)




DevOps Fundamentals


DevOps is the practice of operations and development engineers participating together in the entire service lifecycle, from design through the development process to production support.



  1. Values
  2. Principles
  3. Methods
  4. Practices
  5. Tools

DEVOPS Benefits (2015 State of Devops Report – Puppet labs)

  1. High-performing IT organizations deploy more frequently, fail less and recover faster.
  2. Lean management & continuous delivery practices help deliver value faster
  3. High performance is achievable whether your apps are greenfield, brownfield, or legacy

DEVOPS Core Values (CAMS)

  1. Culture
  2. Automation
  3. Measurement
  4. Sharing

“That the word Devops get reduced to technology is a manifestation of how badly we need a culture shift” – Patrick Debois


Useful Project Management Links

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  3. http://www.projectsatwork.com – Project management resources and tools needed for professionals, training, and advancement.
  4. http://www.deepfriedbrainproject.com – PMP, CAPM and PMI-ACP blog dedicated to help project managers achieve and maintain project management certifications from PMI.
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  10. http://www.pm4girls.elizabeth-harrin.com – Providing insight from the point of view of a female project manager, Elizabeth Harrin has won multiple awards for her top-notch blogging. Spend some time reading the blog and you’ll see why.