PPM in the Telecom Industry

Major changes are happening:

  1. LTE or 4G adoption
  2. Improved & extended data service packages – higher quality & cheaper rates
  3. All you can app (AYCA) – unlimited usage of a package of apps for a fixed fees
  4. Significant growth in developing countries
  5. Mobile number portability legislation – allowing subscribers to switch freely among operators while keeping their numbers.

For telecom companies, aspects to focus in ever-changing mobile business:

  1. Migrating from 3G to 4G & improve the quality of the connection
  2. Creating new & innovative products/services
  3. Implementing aggressive marketing of the new products/services
  4. Develop competitive pricing & improve customer services

Sample scoring models:

  • ROI
  • Competitive advantage
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Innovative-ness
  • Strategic fit
  • Technical feasibility
  • Market attractiveness
  • Resources
  • Leverage of core competencies
  • Complexity
  • Economic impact (expected annual revenue)

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)


“PPM is the management of the organization’s projects so as to maximize the contributions of projects to the overall welfare & success of the enterprise subject to internal & external constraints by maximizing the project value, balancing the portfolio and aligning it with overall company strategy.” (PPM in theory & practice)

PPM shouldn’t be confused with:

  • Management of multiple projects – Program management
  • Enterprise project management – 360 view of the organizations’s efforts
  • Automation – software is not going to choose the right projects regardless of how good it is.

3 Pillars of PPM

  1. selected projects must maximize the VALUE for the company
    • Financial models
    • Scoring models (more comprehensive)
  2. selected projects must constitute a balanced portfolio
    • by product type
    • risk versus reward
  3. the final projects portfolio must be strategically aligned with the company’s overall business strategy
    • Top-down approach
    • Bottom-up approach
    • Combined top-down & bottom-up